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Being outdoor is a luxurious experience now but why not bring the outdoors to your backyard or patio? The one that you may consider is the furniture to help you relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Well, there are various options for that but maybe you may consider the cast aluminum furniture to be in your patio. Are there any cons for that? Let’s put some consideration and get you some ideas.

1. It is Durable

Cast aluminium is the best choice if you want a durable material. Well, it is the outdoor area so your furniture should be tough enough to deal with rain, cold snow, hot sun rays, or anything that possibly happen in your area. So, if you want to save your money in the future, this material is the best thing ever you may purchase for your patio.


2. Easy to Take Care of

Well, it is probably a very convenient reason for you to choose furniture with this material. Cast aluminum is well known for easy caring. It will not rust, so if your environment is quite damp, this is the perfect material for you.

When coming to cleaning, you just need to spray some water or wipe it with a sponge and soapy water. That’s it! You don’t need to use a certain chemical substance to take care of your furniture. More time to enjoy the outdoor then!

3. The Look? Astonishing!

This furniture is carefully assembled with a high-level technique by a careful process with a high level of consistency of pouring hot molten aluminum to the designed mold.

The design is also detailed and intricated, perhaps more than other materials can do. You can have your design too if you have extra cash and make the one yours only.

4. Scratch Resistance at Its Finest

Cast aluminum furniture is equipped with powder-coated finish. The coat is permanently baked and it gives the scratch resistance effect which you will love. And who said that those kinds of scratch-resistance furniture mean limited in color?

Cast aluminum furniture can also come in so many colors including the artificially aged look with faded paint picture or bronze color if you are a fan of antique color.

5. Incredibly Inexpensive

You will go for cast aluminum because of this reason, it is inexpensive. Okay, to be fair, if you want a custom design then it may cost you more, but it is more affordable than other less durable material.

Think about this if you want to choose wood or other materials for your outdoor furniture. It may be less expensive in the beginning, but it will definitely cost you more later.


6. No Cons So Far

Well, this material is the most convenient one for patio furniture. You can get wrong by choosing this one and you may stick with it like forever.

For the design, you can go with so many ideas with cast aluminum furniture. You can be creative enough, not only design-wise but you can mix and match anything you want,

7. Simple or Mix and Match is Up to You

This is the thing that you definitely like, you can leave the furniture simply like that or go for some cushions for extra comfort. Just simply put the cast aluminum furniture in your patio and you already get your delicate furniture plus decoration.

However, to put extra comfort, you can mix and match some cushions and put them on the furniture. It will give you more pop color to the furniture as well.

8. Make It Grand

If you have extra budget, why not have a grand cast aluminum furniture. You can get a full-size table with some chairs so you can have a dining room in your patio.

It is a good way to enjoy food and outdoors at the same time, just feels like a picnic. However, you should consider the size of your patio when you want to have a massive one.

9. Pool Chair? Yes, Please!

Cast aluminum is the best material even for your pool chair. It can survive from being wet for a long time, so some drips from the pool will not damage it.

You can put the pool chair in your patio so you won’t need any additional shade and to save some money. Then you can add some water-resistant cushion to add extra comfort.

10. Combine it With Glass

Cast aluminium can have modern design too with simple bars just like this picture. You can also combine it with glass material for the table so your furniture will look more modern. It also can give a nice touch of different colour and texture.

11. Simple Yet Sophisticated

Get two chairs and one coffee table in your patio is enough. However, in this design, you can get an antique vibe. It looks so simple, just chair and table, but, at the same time, it looks more sophisticated and artistic.

12. Different Texture? Why Not!

This is definitely a pro in using cast aluminum material. You can get different texture easily. You can have smooth chair and a little bit textured table. You can get it from the design itself or the finishing process. Well, this little difference is already great.

13. Combine Two Designs

When you think one design is enough, why not you combine two design and let’s see how it is. The pattern design is matching but the shape of the chair is different. It will give you more variation and you will not find it boring at all.

14. Different Materials is Definitely a Go

If you don’t want to get full cast aluminum furniture, you can always combine it with another material such as wood. You can also combine it with other materials as much as possible. Be creative in what you can do with cast aluminum.

Since there are no cons with this material, then what are you waiting for? It cost you less but it gives you more, aesthetic-wise and time-wise. It doesn’t need special care and you can go crazy with design or mix match. Go simple is good too and if you are looking for comfort then add some extra cushion.



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