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It must be one of nicest activities for spending your noon while reading book under your patio. Make sure you have the patio cover, so you will be protected from the heat of the sunlight. You can choose the free standing version, the one that can stand without being connected by any parts of the house. The original relies on some parts of the roof, while this kind of patio has four posts that are used to hold the cover.

Not only larger, but this free standing version is easier to install by yourself. If you need inspiration, surf the internet. There are so many ideas you can get in the internet to make one of your own, varied in heights, sizes, materials, and colors, and depends on the preference that you want. You can choose the one that suits your family’s style to be built inside your house.


1. Plastic-Based Patio – The Right Material for Protection in Any Weather

Having a good time with your family does not always have to be outside. You can simply have a nice picnic on the weekend in the backyard of your house. The right patio will help you and your family has this good time without worries of the weather.

Plastic-based patio is one of the recommended materials if you have beamed ceiling. It is not only keeping you away from the heat of the sun, but also from the rain. Thank to its material, this patio can be useful in any weather. Another benefit of having this plastic patio is more affordable compared to the wooden one. So, you can save your money for other needs of your family.


2. Aluminum-Based Patio – As Outstanding As the Wooden, but Cheaper

Aluminum is well known for kitchen utensils. You can find most of things in the kitchen are made from this material. However, aluminum can be used more than just for kitchen. One of creation you can use with aluminum is patio cover.

Its versatility will help you having a patio cover as outstanding as the one made of wood, but with cheaper price. You will need to build four pieces of round-posts to support the patio. In the middle of the patio, you can install a fan to circulate the air below. Putting some chairs and a table will make it a great place for you and your family enjoying the weekend together.

Aluminum is well known for its durability, so you don’t need to worry about maintaining it; it is easy to clean and it can survive against any weather.


3. Tongue and Groove Patio – Terrific Finish Appearance

This is another recommendation patio for your beloved house. Enjoy the afternoon with your beloved ones under the protection of this patio. Another idea is you can invite your big family, colleagues, and friends to come over for tea time and make it as an awesome outdoor living room.

There are four posts to support the patio. They are made of natural stones; a perfect material that completes the existence of fireplace below. Also, it will highlight the beauty of the ceiling. It has a terrific finish appearance; its tongue-and-groove style makes it more adorable. The natural light will pass through the glass window that are exists on roof sides.


4. Traditional-Accent-Highlight Patio – Enjoy the Calm and Peace

Bali is one of well known islands in the world that offers the beauty of traditional life. It will not only attract people for its beauty, but it will also give the calm and peace feeling. You can have Little Bali in your back yard by having this kind of patio.

Having traditional accent in your patio will build a nice vibe. It is the same as you encounter when you are in Bali. The posts are made of stained wood; it will add impressive and natural look in your patio. Even though it has no that splendid patterns, this patio is still attractive, thank to its beam ceiling that are exposed. Please mind the existence of the black roof shingle.

It takes a big part in building the vibe of traditional that will work the best with traditional chairs. Another unique and functional feature of this patio is the roof is sloping from the middle. As a result, it will not be the place for leaves, snow, and water to stay. So, it will be way much easier to clean it.


5. Metal-Based Patio – For Those Who Look For a Simple Patio

If you find yourself as someone who pays more attention to function than perfection in appearance, it is one patio that is suggested for you. It has a simple design and structure, so it is easy to install. It is true that it may not be as attractive as other patio, but then if you look for one that has the best function in its simplest way, this one is number one.

There are many materials you can use for your patio. After all, patio is made for protecting you from the sunlight, rain, snow, and other weathers. So, any material will work for you, but metal is one of a kind. Tin roof is one kind of metal that has many advantages. It has a better durability, compared with wooden and plastic.

It also has a lighter weight than those two, so it will be easier to install. Last but not least, it is also fire-resistant. Even though it is light, it has black metal posts that are strong enough to hold the tin roof. You may install a fan to give a good circulation under the patio.


6. Wooden-Based Patio – Having Affordable Patio with Great Advantages

People will agree that best quality and appearance will come from not that cheap price. However, it is not always true. Wooden-based patio is one of the proofs that it does not always have to be expensive in making a nice patio for your house. Having a swimming pool is really nice, and lounging there must be awesome.

However, the weather does not always support the mood. Instead, it breaks the mood when the heat of the sun or the rain comes in the wrong time. Therefore, having patio is the best choice to save you from that accident. There is no appealing pattern or design; it is just a simple patio with simple posts.

There are two chairs and one swinging bed as one of its unique part. The swinging bed can fit to two persons. Even though it offers many advantages, it does not come out with expensive price.


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