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Summer is coming up and you should not leave your front porch untouched. The front porch will be the very first place that your guests see when they come to visit you and that’s why it is very important to decorate it well. Although you don’t plan to hold a summer party soon, decorating the front porch will be a great idea to spice up the looks.

You can bring a new purpose for your front porch whether it is to have a cozy place to enjoy your afternoon tea or an inviting place to welcome your guests.

Here are some ideas you can replicate and maybe one of them will suit your taste.

1. Classic Porch Seating

If you don’t have specific porch ideas, going classing will be perfectly fine. You don’t need to style the porch in a fancy way because one big sofa and two chairs will be enough for the porch.

The chandelier above the table gives a focal point of the patio, making the patio looks warmer and elegant at the same time. The chandelier also gives you the same vibe you can only get indoors, making it like your own second living room.

2. Multiple Seating Area

It is quite difficult to style a bigger porch without making it looks crowded or empty. The best thing to do is to arrange multiple seating areas to accommodate more guests at home. The multiple seating areas will make use of the space well without making it looks too empty or too crowded.

You can also style the porch by painting it with bright color, like green, including for the ceiling to make it more alive and give the wider illusion. The color will not go against nature, but it will complete it and makes it perfect for your outdoor space.

3. Comfortable Porch Swing

To make the porch more comfortable, you can try to add a porch swing. It will be great to have it and spend your entire summer on it, only for reading or taking a short nap. If you want to have a relaxing summer, you can also consider installing swinging daybeds for your front porch.

You can easily boost your mood if you can relax well and beat the heat in summer by spending more time on the swing. However, it is quite hard to hang the swing and lots of porches can support the swing. Consider talking to the professionals before you decide to install the swing.

4. Couple Coffee Table

If you don’t have lots of space on the front porch, you need to sacrifice some things, including reducing the number of furniture. You cannot have lots of furniture on it because it will make the space more crowded.

To give a wider space illusion, you can add a coffee table for the couple. Having the small coffee table will not make the space too crowded and will give a focal point for the porch. Plus, you can change the painting into white so that it can give a wider look on your front porch although it is quite small.

5. Grand Front Porch Entrance

Making a grand front porch entrance will be great if your front porch has a high ceiling and large columns. Spicing it up with the Spanish-style design will make the porch stand out and inviting for the guest at the same time. The warmth of the tiles automatically gives a warmer feel which will be perfect for your family gathering.

6. One-themed Front Porch

The most easier way to decorate your front porch is by making it the same as the entire house theme. If you like rustic style for your house, you can also use the same theme for the front porch. You can use contemporary chairs and wood stump table for the front porch so that they can bring the same mood to the entire house theme.

7. Rattan Accent

Summer is about the feel and you can easily have the summer feel with adding a texture in your front porch. The best decoration or furniture material you can choose for your front porch is rattan and straw.

The rattan and straw are very identical with the tropical country vibe and you can easily replicate the same feel. You can bring the feel of the tropical country to your front porch and you can spend the entire summer with your friends here without traveling far.

8. Vintage Porch

Vintage-themed house has become a trend for some years and it includes the front porch theme. You can bring back the sentimental feel to your front porch by using lots of vintage decorations. Use a rustic cupboard to display the decorations.

You can also place a table on the center to display your planters to add more texture to the porch. Remember to choose a neutral color because it will make the planters blend perfectly to the entire porch setting.

9. Simple Small Front Porch

You don’t need to worry if you have limited space on your front porch because you can always style it to look warm in the summer. Just place a wooden chair on one corner of the porch and add a cushion on it.

Don’t forget to add a rug to make the porch feel warmer and comfortable to hang out only to read books or sip a cold iced coffee during the summer.

10. Cozy Wooden Rocking Chair

If you don’t have lots of space on your front porch but want to have a swing, you can opt-out for rocking chairs. You don’t need to leave lots of space for the rocking chairs and you can easily have a flow of traffic on your front porch.

Plus, the rocking chair is very comfortable to laze around, perfect to spend summer at home. It will also go well with the vintage theme of the house and it will also add elegance for your front porch. However, you need to make sure that the rocking chairs are perfectly sealed so that they can last for a long time.