Painting your porch concrete floor will be a lot cheaper than giving it new tiles. Depending on the style, tiling can be very expensive. Instead of tiling your concrete floor, painting it will be a lot cheaper without giving you limitation on term of design. Here is how to do it yourself.

These outdoor porch light should be on your list: industrial pendant light, a basket of light, hoist pendant light, the ring light, rope light, globe shaped sting light, glass bottle light, longer modern scone, bowl shaped floor lamp, etc.

The easiest way to give different vibes is painting. Here is about great porch paint color ideas: green, deep blue, warm blue, white, green, etc. Check it out image and more details here.

Here is about porch garden ideas you need to adopt. 1. Columns in wrap-around porch, 2. Tulips on your small porch, 3. Porch of bricks, 4. Little sunny sitting on a small porch, 5. Swing on your porch, 6. Green and white porch, etc.