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Finding a new patio sling chair replacement fabric can be a little challenging if you don’t know where to start. However, it takes only a few minutes to learn your way and to know what to look for. You can always hire a professional, but basic information like these is crucial to know as well.


Types of Fabric You Need to Find

Not all types of fabric are the suitable options for your patio sling chair. You need certain fabric with specific traits that will accommodate your need for an outdoor comfort. According to the traits, the following fabrics can be added on your option list:

1. Outdoor Prints and Polyester

This has been a member of the list for the longest. It is cheap and you get so many options of colors and patterns. However, this fabric has low level of lightfastness while it is also easy to fuzz or pill and it is hard to clean when it gets oily stuff spilling on it.

2. Acrylic Fabrics

Made of acrylic fiber, this option brings considerable advantages and disadvantages. Included as one of the most popular item in known brands like Sunbrella. This fabric has high lightfastness and UV scores while it is also great for multiple purposes. Its mildew resistant properties are also great, and it also offers liquid resistant properties with additional stain.

However, this fabric is also known for being expensive and flat in texture. It tends to fuzz and pill and it often contains PFC chemical, not to mention it can be a little hard to remove oily stains.

3. Olefin

As indicated in its name, this fabric is made of olefin yarns as well as polypropylene and this is a new comer on this field. It becomes more and more popular due to several factors like having great milder resistant properties, long warranty period and lightfastness, as well as abrasion and rubs resistant.

It is also sold in cheaper rate for being 100 produced in US while it also offers stain resistant properties when it is finished in PFC stain.

However, the options for more lines and variations are still limited, and the texture is heavier than other usual options.


How to Calculate the Amount of Fabric You Need

Before undertaking the fabric replacement project, it is absolutely necessary to know how to calculate how much fabric you will need. In this, there are several thumb rules you can follow:

1. Measure Twice

Measuring according to your furniture dimension is important. Don’t just eyeball and guess on a number of yard. Do the measurements twice and always use measuring tape for accurate numbers.

2. Make a Layout

You can always get the right amount of fabric and even save more by making a layout. A layout means your pieces pattern. The fabric available in wholesale is commonly available with 45 inches of width. Knowing this information and knowing how to layout the patterns will give you the right number of yard you need to buy.

3. Get More

It is always a terrible case when you end up needing more fabric in the middle of your project. To make sure it is a safe amount to buy, always add at least a half yard of the fabric.

When it comes to an outdoor sling chair, there are several important points you need to remember as well, such as:

a. Common Size

Sling chair fabric commonly has the same size which is 1.5 up to 2 yards per chair. In default, you can multiply this basic size to get enough fabric for your entire chairs on your lawn.

b. Just in Case

Even though most chairs are available in the same size of fabric needed, there are many chairs that are also available on different design and details. These factors affect the layout of the pattern, thus it affects the amount of fabric that you need.

Considering that you probably aren’t a pro on this, there is always a chance that you miscalculate the need and you end up running out of fabric. Always consider to consult with a pro, probably with one on the wholesale store you are going to buy the fabric from.


What Colors are Best

Now that you know how to get the new fabric, it is also necessary to know which colors are best. The following ideas are great to follow:

1. Modern Monochrome

Houses today adopt modern architecture and design, and these fabrics offer a great looking outdoor sling back chair. Varied from smoke to onyx, its simplicity highlights your modern style without going too much on details, which is a perfect combination every house owner will adore.

Modern Monochrome Sunbrella Sling Fabrics

2. Patterned Neutral

If the surrounding is already plain and simple, it is always nice to add some patterns on the details. This myrtle flower patterned fabric still offers neutral color for the chairs while the pattern actually enriches your outdoor look instantly. It is the best option when you expect going elegant while staying simple.


3. Contrasting Patterned

This kind of color offers you a new look on your outdoor areas. Being contrasting in colors, your sling back chair will become the focal points of the room, and it makes your patio a lot brighter and inviting than ever. It is truly an upgrade on all elements and you will love how stylish it can be.

Contrasting Patterned patio sling chair replacement fabric

4. Fun Stripes

It almost doesn’t matter what color combination you are going to adopt. Stripes fabric tends to bring fun summer feeling right away, brightening your patio instantly and upgrade your exterior look. It looks best on your pool deck, but it fits just well in almost any backyard as well.

Patio Stripes patio sling chair replacement fabrics

5. Plain but Bright

Choosing bright colors for your patio sling back chair is always a good idea. It improves the final look of cheap chairs, while it actually upgrades your outdoor look at the same time. It brings in fun and casual feeling, which is the right atmosphere for patio. It fits well for intimate gathering or even a house party.

Bright colors patio sling chair replacement fabrics

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