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Patio umbrella canopy is the very part that creates shade for your patio below. Being constantly in the outdoor, the canopy will actually lose the luster, fade, as well as rip. Repeated use, winds that are harsh on certain seasons, and the sun hit will contribute in creating the damage.

Most often, the ribs or the frame is still fine. In this case, it is only logical to get the new replacement for the canopy fabric rather than investing on a whole brand new patio umbrella. When we think about the expense, buying only the replacement canopy will be a lot cheaper.

Finding a new replacement is pretty much easy to do, even for a first timer. The only possible challenge is to really make sure that the new canopy fabric will fit well on the ribs and frame. To make sure that you are walking on the right path, these steps should help you in each phase:

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Step 1: Remove Your Old Canopy

This step will help a lot in measuring the canvas as well as to check if your frame and ribs are still in good condition. When removing the canopy, you need to be careful so you don’t bend the rib at the wrong direction and break it.

The first rib will be the hardest, and you may need help for this. However as soon as you already removed several ribs, it will far easier.


Step 2: Find Out Canvas Diameter

One of the easiest ways to know your umbrella diameter is by checking it online on the store. If you can find the listing of your umbrella, you will be able to find the diameter on the description. However when you can’t find it, you can always measure it yourself.

Use a measuring tape, and start from the tip of one of the ribs to the center of the umbrella. Double the result, and you already have the first measurement. Considering that the umbrella is curving, it will be best to add some more on the result so it fits.

In alternative, you can measure the old canvas carefully, and note the exact size to look for on your new canvas.


Step 3: Find Out the Numbers of the Umbrella Ribs

Ribs are the ones that spread across from the pole. This is what makes the canopy lies nicely without being dropped down below. To make sure your replacement canopy fits well on the umbrella, the configuration should match the ribs number as well.

Commonly, patio umbrella comes with even numbers of ribs, like six or eight. When you find the replacement, make sure it has the same number ribs slots.


Step 4: Check on Canopy Vent

Yes, even a patio umbrella has vents. Most patio umbrella comes with single vent which is commonly placed on the hat of the umbrella. Vents help in channeling the air flow, making sure the umbrella doesn’t get blown away through harsh wind.

Few umbrellas will have double vents, and it is important to note this too. Find a replacement with the same number and configuration of air vent. There are more than enough options to choose, especially for ones with only single vent. 


Step 5: Get the Top Opening Size

Not all patio umbrellas get top cap. Many designs are actually pretty simple. However if yours have one, top opening is right on the top center of the umbrella. You need to get the measurement too so you can get the new canopy replacement to fit really well as you get the exact size of the hole cap.

Look for a hole at the top and then measure it carefully. If the hole is small enough, you may not need to get the size. Instead, you can always cut the canvas with scissor later if it is small enough.

Step 6: Check on Your Frame Condition

Before you actually order the new canvas replacement, it is recommended to also check your frame. First, check your ribs if they have bending or rust. Second, you also need to check on the pole. Find out if it has rust or peeling paint. Last, you also need to check tilt mechanism and cranks. They may have fraying cords or weakness after all this time.

If you frame isn’t in a good condition, there is no reason for you to get a new canvas replacement. You should consider buying a whole new one. 

Step 7: You Can Order the Replacement

Now you already check if the frame is in a good condition, and it does, and you only need to order the canvas. Make sure you have the measurement notes with you while ordering.

Think about the material, the design and shape, the size, as well as its configuration. Shopping online is possible by checking on each product description, and shopping at the store is even more convenient because you can consult to the staff at the store.  

Step 8: Put It on

When your canvas is delivered, it is best to put it on right away to prevent you from tearing it up or spill something on it. To put the canvas on the rib, it is recommended to open the ribs a little. Then, start with one rib and continue to the next rib on the side until all ribs get into the canvas sleeves.

Make sure to face the sleeves to the ribs downward, and keep the pole stand still. Extra help to do this will make the work a lot easier though.

Step 9: Check the Fitting

The last step will be checking if the canvas fit well on the umbrella. First, try to open the umbrella and see if the size is correct. If it is too small, you won’t be able to open it fully. In this case, you need to order a new one.

If it is too big, you can always use rubber leg tips to correct it. However if it is way too big, you may need to order a new one.


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