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Patio area is just as important as the living room. You could invite the guests to enjoy different sceneries. For this reason, many people give more effort while choosing the furniture especially the table and chairs. A good set will impress the guest, while the odd ones will kill the mood. Do you want some great ideas?


1. Elegant Set

If the living room setting lean into formal side, you might want more casual vibe for the patio area. In this case, you could take the elegant set with you. Even without any additional furniture, the set of table and chair will serve as the focal point of the area. Aside from its eye-catching feature, the manufacture also guarantees comfortable seating. The table has marble top, so make sure to clean any stain immediately.

2. Fun Set

Do you want to do something fun in the patio? The semi-outdoor patio is perfect to host barbeque party. Then, you need a table set that won’t limit your movement. This product is the perfect choice. The armless seat could accommodate more people and the round table is perfect for casual dinner. Although it is made from wood, you don’t have to paint it again. The table could resist water and stain well, too. 

3. Semi-Formal Option

Have you ever wished to have teak table and chairs? This product could be the best bet you could take. First of all, the teak has the best quality, designed for outdoor use. You might leave the set under the changing weather. The table has a hole in the middle, so you could install additional solar umbrella. Now you have casual corner. It is also possible to put the table in semi-indoor patio.

4. Playful Color

Will you find more suitable place to enjoy dinner outdoor aside from the patio? Opening the picnic mat might be enough, but adding some colorful chairs and a table is a better option. The best thing about this item is the color. More than 10 color options are available. Make sure to visit the official website to check its availability. It is also built to last long even if you don’t maintain it regularly.

5. Ornamental Table and Chairs

One way to upgrade the beauty of your patio is adding a set of ornamental furniture. Make sure you have enough space for it. There are seven chairs and one round table. The table frame and the chairs are made from bold aluminum. To ensure your comfort, the manufacturer provides free cushion. Both the chairs and the cushion might require regular cleaning. Wiping and dusting them would be enough.

6. A Set for Two

If the patio area is not too big, the most favorable set is the set for two. Bigger groups should go to the living room or the kitchen. The patio furniture combines teak wood and also the stainless steel. It creates a strong support system. If you plan to add umbrella, there is no need to make additional hole. Lift the cover in the middle of the table. You will find a pre-cut hole for the umbrella.

7. Monaco Style

Do you love Monaco pattern? Then take one to your patio! This product’s design is inspired by Monaco fashion. The guests will set their eyes on the table set once they see it. On the top of the table, you will have porcelain surface. Then on the back seat of each chair, you will get signature Monaco pattern. All the arrangement screams luxury and elegance!

8. Round Table, Round Back Seat

Some of you might want something contemporary for the patio. Usually, you will have a round table paired with square back seat chair. This product is different: both the table top and the back seat has round shape. It is like no other models. In the other words, you will get exclusive or one and only table set. This is a contemporary style that could blend well with many concepts.

9. Modern-Fresh Look

Recently, many designers are re-interpretating modern look by recycling the old fashion. The result is some innovative ideas: modern-fresh. This set is one of the best examples. The revolution could be seen not only in the design, but also the tone combination and the shape. The chairs look futuristic without compromising the comfort. It will surely impress any guests who step into the patio area.

10. Round and Curve

Round and square are the common duo, but have you ever heard about round and curve duet? A round table is a must for the patio. The unique part is the chairs; each of them is swivel chair with curvy design. Take a look from the side and you will see the smooth wavy pattern. Again, the brand-new model still ensures your comfort and convenience. The materials are natural and durable. 

11. Slim Set

Do you have small patio? Then be careful before adding more furniture to the limited space. You want something thin and slim. Bulky items will cover the area, while thin set serves its function without occupying too much space. Its frame is made from metal base. The manufacturer designs the set to withstand the weather. So, enjoy your break time with the comfortable seating.

12. Charming Butterflies

If you love nature, you might want to purchase this butterfly set. You will have a round table with decorative butterfly pattern on the surface and on the back seat. It could accommodate two persons only. Thus, the set is the best choice to set romantic theme in the patio. Feel free to move the chairs and table to different places. They are foldable and pretty light. You will also appreciate the low-maintenance feature.

13. Rainbow Stripes

The more, the merrier! More colors on the painted chairs and table will make you happier. To maintain the vibrant color, the resistant agent is added in the finishing layer. You don’t have to worry about re-painting project at least months after purchasing it.

14. Art Set

Aside from ornamental set, another charming option is the art set. It is a best pick for those who don’t have scenery in the patio. A matching set of artsy table and chair will accompany you and your guests. Both are designed for outdoor use.

15. The Minimalist

You could go big by adding minimalist furniture. This set is the answer. Those with accentuated corners and patio don’t need more flairs. You just need something simple and chic. The chairs are sturdy enough to support your guests. Moreover, the woven back seat will make you comfortable.